Donald and Hillary walk into a barber shop…

All politics aside…

Bernie Sanders supporters are everything politicians want in constituents. They are vocal, passionate, active, and most importantly, young. Their loyalty is tight and they rally quickly and confidently behind their leader. Despite not receiving the nomination, his supporters remain a strong and coveted market segment within the political arena.

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Caitlyn Jenner vs. Donald Trump: The PR Standoff

We’ve been doing a lot of marketing talk recently…let’s dive into a little PR.

Today is a momentous day for the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet with her cover on Vanity Fair. She is beautiful, unapologetic and strong. Why Vanity Fair? Not exactly sure…But she’s wearing Kardashian brand in some pictures so that’s kind of funny. A release on June 1st is pretty poetic though. Continue reading