A year in review

Sales Tag is officially 1 year old! In celebration of the 600+ views on this quirky marketing blog, here is an update on a few of the first companies I ever reviewed:

  1. Talenti Gelato

This was my first ever blog post and to this day, one of the most popular articles I have written here on Sales Tag. Their YouTube ad was quirky and fun but most importantly, it hit the exact audience they were targeting. Since this post, Talenti has become the “it” dessert brand for hipsters (because ice cream is too original and froyo is too mainstream). Continue reading

Picking the Right Place

Back to basics: the 4 P’s of marketing are Product, Place, Price, Promotion. This is the end and the beginning for marketing. Everything we do falls under one of these categories. One of these gets a little less love than the other three, however. ‘Place’ is often lost or forgotten in creative minds because it tends to be more technical. Where should this billboard go up? What stores should the product be sold at? What channel should the commercial run on? These are questions that are supposed to be answered analytically. When it comes to marketing properties and buildings, place is not only extremely analytical, but pricey and risky if handled incorrectly. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Retail

Back-to-school shopping is in full swing.  The sales, the promotions, that Target commercial with Kids in America playing in the background, all trying to get you to buy their back-to-school gear.

Recently, I was at the mall and was impressed by two mainstream stores that, for a long time now, have surfed the safe wave of knowing that high schoolers and college kids will buy their clothing.  American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch are staple brands in this age bracket.  It is easy for companies such as these to get comfortable and complacent in their marketing strategy.  Sure their clothing styles change so the word-of-mouth marketing changes, but the true marketing strategy is left the way it always was.  American Eagle: bright, preppy with an edge, and known for their jeans.  Abercrombie: dark, ‘woodsy’ feel, and known for their smell. Continue reading