The Website of a Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Drumroll please! And the award for most beautiful website goes to…Ireland? Like many students who recently returned from studying abroad, I have a problem of obsessing over my host country. However, I firmly believe that I am being entirely unbiased when I say that has to be one of the best produced websites out there (if not across the board, then definitely in the ‘locations’ category).

I mean, look at it:

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The American Dream…In Ireland

Ok, quick rundown: Budweiser’s Dream Job campaign/contest launched in Ireland for its second year on November 11th.  The winner will receive €40,000, €5,000 in equipment bursary, an internship, and support from relevant experts. This campaign is all about passion.   Continue reading

Marketing Across the Pond

Authenticity.  The word that brings to mind a sort of continuity, age, honesty, and the smell of a European cafe that’s been in business for hundreds of years.  Authenticity is about purity and simplicity of design.  It’s about getting lost in another time period.  This romantic idea is the bread and butter of Irish marketing.

I am in Ireland for the next 4 months studying at the National University of Ireland in Galway.  For the past few weeks, I have been looking around, trying to discover the key differentiator between American and Irish marketing.  And the answer was more obvious than I would have thought.


As primarily a service and tourist economy, Ireland sells on the basis of antiquity.  There are stone walls, cobblestone streets, outdoor eateries, and brightly painted buildings all dating back to years that us Americans can’t even fathom.  As you walk the streets, each shop subtly says, “This is the real deal. No knock-off claddagh rings here.” Continue reading