The Website of a Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Drumroll please! And the award for most beautiful website goes to…Ireland? Like many students who recently returned from studying abroad, I have a problem of obsessing over my host country. However, I firmly believe that I am being entirely unbiased when I say that has to be one of the best produced websites out there (if not across the board, then definitely in the ‘locations’ category).

I mean, look at it:

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An Indie Gelato Vacation

I think we can agree that YouTube ads are generally a pain and the likelihood that you will actually watch even the first 5 seconds that you can’t skip is slim to none.  And God forbid you can’t skip the ad– cue *open new tab*, *open Twitter for 1min 15 secs*, *go back when ad is over*.  We’ve learned to deal with the ads and suck it up.

But this ad for Talenti Gelato was just quirky enough to ignore the skip button and watch all the way through.   Continue reading