The Peter Pan Comeback

Once Upon a Time, Pan, Finding Neverland on Broadway, Peter Pan live  NBC special…it seems that Peter is having a resurgence. Peter was first introduced to the world in 1904 with J.M. Barrie’s play, Peter Pan— also referred to as The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. Though book sales have plateaued, Peter has lived on through numerous movie adaptations from the famous Walt Disney version in 1953 to Hook starring Robin Williams in 1991 to Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp in 2004. However, one thing has remained throughout all these adaptations—unanswered questions.


Where did Peter come from? Why is he the leader? Why does Hook have it out for him? Where did these indians (pardon my non-political correctness, native neverlandians I suppose is more accurate) come from? Continue reading