It’s in the details

Attention to detail is important in marketing. This is not new news. Editing copy, retouching images, tweaking layouts; these things happen up to the last possible moment before deadlines (and often, after the deadline). But there’s a next step beyond promotional elements that proves when a company truly understands its consumer and its product.

As a newly self-proclaimed packaging nerd, I would venture to say, companies that are innovators in the delivery of their products are the most detail oriented ones out there. Imagine you’re selling snack packs. You go to a grocery store to do some competitive analysis and see shelves and shelves of crinkly bags, embellished images of the product and the word “Organic” as far as the eye can see. Continue reading


Beyond the Screen: NBA gets sentimental

BEERS. DUDES. NACHOS. GUYS NIGHT. LET’S GOOOOO. Ah the bro-ness of professional basketball. The NBA has had its peaks and valleys in popularity, but one thing remains the same: the commercials are all massive dunks, amped fans and sweaty close ups. And then, this one comes along…

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A year in review

Sales Tag is officially 1 year old! In celebration of the 600+ views on this quirky marketing blog, here is an update on a few of the first companies I ever reviewed:

  1. Talenti Gelato

This was my first ever blog post and to this day, one of the most popular articles I have written here on Sales Tag. Their YouTube ad was quirky and fun but most importantly, it hit the exact audience they were targeting. Since this post, Talenti has become the “it” dessert brand for hipsters (because ice cream is too original and froyo is too mainstream). Continue reading

The Website of a Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Drumroll please! And the award for most beautiful website goes to…Ireland? Like many students who recently returned from studying abroad, I have a problem of obsessing over my host country. However, I firmly believe that I am being entirely unbiased when I say that has to be one of the best produced websites out there (if not across the board, then definitely in the ‘locations’ category).

I mean, look at it:

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The Peter Pan Comeback

Once Upon a Time, Pan, Finding Neverland on Broadway, Peter Pan live  NBC special…it seems that Peter is having a resurgence. Peter was first introduced to the world in 1904 with J.M. Barrie’s play, Peter Pan— also referred to as The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. Though book sales have plateaued, Peter has lived on through numerous movie adaptations from the famous Walt Disney version in 1953 to Hook starring Robin Williams in 1991 to Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp in 2004. However, one thing has remained throughout all these adaptations—unanswered questions.


Where did Peter come from? Why is he the leader? Why does Hook have it out for him? Where did these indians (pardon my non-political correctness, native neverlandians I suppose is more accurate) come from? Continue reading

Respecting Heritage and Pushing Boundaries: It’s the Indian Scout

The music: American.  The look: rural and aged.  The product: edgy.  A deadly combination for a recently resurgent motorcycle brand.

Founded in 1901, Indian is the oldest motorcycle brand in America.  Once the dominant market choice, Indian lost its number one ranking after World War I to Harley-Davidson and eventually went under in 1953.  One of the models created was the Indian Scout, produced from 1920 to 1949.  A sleek and iconic design with revolutionary engineering, this bike was built to make a comeback in today’s hipster driven market.  Continue reading