Abominable Snowman Finds its Market

Sophisticated, elite, ornate, elegant: these are words that generally describe luxury products. From Bentley to the Ritz Carlton, these goods and services are in a class of their own. They are expensive, sleek and often smell like deep cleaning products. But there’s a product out right now that breaks this luxury mold. And that is the one and only, Yeti.

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2015: The Year of Sass

2015 is over and the analytics are rolling in. Content is king and engagement is the gold standard but another trend emerged more organically. Quirky, sarcastic, eye-rolling, ironic, sassy ‘tudes emerged in the ads bombarding us all year. And guess what? We loved it and showed it with our wallets. Let’s have a look at some of these sarcastic stunts: Continue reading


Lucy knows what’s hot. It’s all about real estate these days.

Commercial real estate; three words that draw to mind lawyers, paperwork, concrete and sheetrock. Not quite the glitz and glamour that companies like Virgin Airlines, Lego, NBC and Apple can exploit for their marketing tactics. In this world of brokers, contractors and project managers, it’s hard to find the right value creating marketing strategy. Maybe even harder convincing the c-level execs of its worth once you come up with it. However, one commercial real estate company is forging ahead of the rest: Brandywine Realty Trust.

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True Consumer Choice at Chipotle

Today’s consumer is hard to pin down. However, there is a line of thinking in the study of consumer behavior (which is pretty much marketing, sociology, psychology and economics all rolled into one) that the needs of today’s consumer on an affectual level include power, affiliation and uniqueness.

Consumer power has grown significantly in the 21st century. This can be seen in the simple evolution of television. It went from, “We’ll be back after this commercial break” to the ability to TiVo to online streaming with commercials on Hulu to Netflix where you can binge-watch 12 episodes of Parks and Rec in a single night (or is that just me?). Consumers have the power to never see one advertisement when watching television.  Continue reading

SJU Welcomes Pope Francis

What an incredible month for Philadelphia. His Holiness Pope Francis blessed the city by making it his last stop of his trip to America for the World Meeting of the Families. He attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the city of brotherly love on the weekend of September 26th and 27th where he gave multiple off-script speeches about the importance of family and the American values of life, liberty and happiness. While I was unable to go into the city for the speeches and mass, I saw him 4 times as he drove back and forth from the seminary he stayed at just down the road from my college: Saint Joseph’s University! Seeing him wave out of his Fiat (awesome product placement, by the way) with his arm fully extended to the crowds lining the street was a blessing in itself. I figured that would be as close as I would get. But as they say in infomercials: wait, there’s more. Continue reading

BRB watching Zoey 101 lol<3

Did Nickelodeon just become relevant to millennials again? I think they did! Yesterday, Nick posted a video teasing the continuation of their 2005-2008 hit show, Zoey 101. Within 12 hours, the video had over 5.4 million views, 124 thousand likes, 169 thousand shares and 24 thousand comments. To put it into perspective, the average likes on a Nick post are less than a thousand while comments, shares and video views all hover around an average of 50 each.

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A year in review

Sales Tag is officially 1 year old! In celebration of the 600+ views on this quirky marketing blog, here is an update on a few of the first companies I ever reviewed:

  1. Talenti Gelato

This was my first ever blog post and to this day, one of the most popular articles I have written here on Sales Tag. Their YouTube ad was quirky and fun but most importantly, it hit the exact audience they were targeting. Since this post, Talenti has become the “it” dessert brand for hipsters (because ice cream is too original and froyo is too mainstream). Continue reading