Casper the friendly…mattress?

If you don’t ride the NYC subways, you might not have ever heard of Casper (as your typical millennial without cable and subscriber to only short form news sites, shoutout to theSkimm, I hadn’t heard of them before the subway became a part of my daily routine). In the past two years, this mattress, sheets and pillows company has put massive marketing spend into traditional ad space and has turned heads in doing so. Recently, it has appeared on the subways with odd but intriguing banner advertisements (the OG banner ad – not the digital ones on news sites) along the runners of the subways. They focus on a theme of “Wake up your best…” and include funny comic strip. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snag a picture and only their older ads are online. Here are a few which at least will give you an idea of the oddness of them

adfee42983de41db210e9b1c3836f810598175477_orig Continue reading


Caitlyn Jenner vs. Donald Trump: The PR Standoff

We’ve been doing a lot of marketing talk recently…let’s dive into a little PR.

Today is a momentous day for the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet with her cover on Vanity Fair. She is beautiful, unapologetic and strong. Why Vanity Fair? Not exactly sure…But she’s wearing Kardashian brand in some pictures so that’s kind of funny. A release on June 1st is pretty poetic though. Continue reading

What Is Sales Tag

Marketing is a hot topic these days.  No longer can you just end the price in 99 cents and convince people they’re getting a deal.  You have to go big.  We’re talking interactive marketing, social marketing, buzz marketing, the list goes on and on.

We all know Dove is awesome at PR and Budweiser is great at branding, but what about the little guys just making their mark?  That’s what I’m here to highlight.  Those awesome little shops that make you stop and take a peak inside, that YouTube commercial that you actually decided not to skip, or that Facebook campaign that you actually ‘liked’ and didn’t consider spam.  In this blog I hope to point out some awesomely creative marketing strategies from the companies that don’t always show up in Forbes or Ad Week.  Enjoy and feel free to comment and share share share!