It’s in the details

Attention to detail is important in marketing. This is not new news. Editing copy, retouching images, tweaking layouts; these things happen up to the last possible moment before deadlines (and often, after the deadline). But there’s a next step beyond promotional elements that proves when a company truly understands its consumer and its product.

As a newly self-proclaimed packaging nerd, I would venture to say, companies that are innovators in the delivery of their products are the most detail oriented ones out there. Imagine you’re selling snack packs. You go to a grocery store to do some competitive analysis and see shelves and shelves of crinkly bags, embellished images of the product and the word “Organic” as far as the eye can see. Continue reading


Bacon cheeseburger, please…with a side salad

Pizza. Kale. Bacon. Smoothies. Fries. Avocado. Donuts. Granola. This is just a quick selection of some of the most popular foods among 18-35 year olds at the moment. Check out Instagram and you’ll see a smorgasbord of health and soul food pictures that leave you hangry. Facebook and Snapchat are filled with videos of both fried masterpieces and carb-substitute recipes. Our appetites are filled with contradictions. How did we end up here?

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.42.22 PM.png Continue reading

Out with the New, In with the Old

I have never called a trend in my life. I held out on downloading Snapchat until I was sure it was sticking around. I own one romper and it took me two years to find one I liked. I was the last person in the United States to switch from a Blackberry to the iPhone. I’m being overly descriptive so you understand the weight of what I’m about to say…


The 1920s are back. Lawn parties,  below the knee dresses, anything with gin in it and live jazz are seeping from the superficial level of New Years Eve themes to a cultural phenomenon amongst young professionals in cities across the United States. Continue reading

Abominable Snowman Finds its Market

Sophisticated, elite, ornate, elegant: these are words that generally describe luxury products. From Bentley to the Ritz Carlton, these goods and services are in a class of their own. They are expensive, sleek and often smell like deep cleaning products. But there’s a product out right now that breaks this luxury mold. And that is the one and only, Yeti.

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2015: The Year of Sass

2015 is over and the analytics are rolling in. Content is king and engagement is the gold standard but another trend emerged more organically. Quirky, sarcastic, eye-rolling, ironic, sassy ‘tudes emerged in the ads bombarding us all year. And guess what? We loved it and showed it with our wallets. Let’s have a look at some of these sarcastic stunts: Continue reading

True Consumer Choice at Chipotle

Today’s consumer is hard to pin down. However, there is a line of thinking in the study of consumer behavior (which is pretty much marketing, sociology, psychology and economics all rolled into one) that the needs of today’s consumer on an affectual level include power, affiliation and uniqueness.

Consumer power has grown significantly in the 21st century. This can be seen in the simple evolution of television. It went from, “We’ll be back after this commercial break” to the ability to TiVo to online streaming with commercials on Hulu to Netflix where you can binge-watch 12 episodes of Parks and Rec in a single night (or is that just me?). Consumers have the power to never see one advertisement when watching television.  Continue reading