It’s in the details

Attention to detail is important in marketing. This is not new news. Editing copy, retouching images, tweaking layouts; these things happen up to the last possible moment before deadlines (and often, after the deadline). But there’s a next step beyond promotional elements that proves when a company truly understands its consumer and its product.

As a newly self-proclaimed packaging nerd, I would venture to say, companies that are innovators in the delivery of their products are the most detail oriented ones out there. Imagine you’re selling snack packs. You go to a grocery store to do some competitive analysis and see shelves and shelves of crinkly bags, embellished images of the product and the word “Organic” as far as the eye can see. Then you look at your product and your target market and say, what if I make this feel truly organic. What if I put individual snack packs into a picnic style box then focus on natural images printed on the inside instead of the outside; a kind of  “it’s on the inside that counts” message. Well, then you have a Graze Box:


Keeping with the food delivery category, let’s talk about Fresh Direct. You know how your favorite cashier at the grocery store is always the one who puts your bag together like an engineer/tetris master? Heavy things on the bottom, soft things at the top, double bag the milk – you know the one. How do you one-up this person when your company has to box up the groceries and ship them? *Visions of bruised bananas and cracked eggs dance in their heads.*

Not only has Fresh Direct proactively tackled this problem, but they anticipate new ones through their packaging. Cardboard dividers keep various foods separated, delicate products are wrapped in styrofoam, and not-yet-ripe avocados COME WITH A PAPER BAG. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, they’ve thought of it all. It’s little touches like these that show how well a company knows it’s product.

Other packaging gurus I’ve encountered recently include:

  • Lulus: clothing arrives folded impeccably and wrapped in adorable polka-dotted tissue paper. Cute, but not new. Also included is a folder that contains all the paperwork for your purchase. Receipt, return instructions, everything you need in a neat package instead of strewn throughout the box
  • Yeti: as I discussed in one of my previous posts, their packaging is not only unique but also punny!

The thing about packaging is that it doesn’t have to be stunning. You’re probably still going to buy that TV or those jeans or this phone even if it doesn’t come wrapped in a bow. The ticket doesn’t need to be golden for you to purchase it. But isn’t it so much better when it is?


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