Casper the friendly…mattress?

If you don’t ride the NYC subways, you might not have ever heard of Casper (as your typical millennial without cable and subscriber to only short form news sites, shoutout to theSkimm, I hadn’t heard of them before the subway became a part of my daily routine). In the past two years, this mattress, sheets and pillows company has put massive marketing spend into traditional ad space and has turned heads in doing so. Recently, it has appeared on the subways with odd but intriguing banner advertisements (the OG banner ad – not the digital ones on news sites) along the runners of the subways. They focus on a theme of “Wake up your best…” and include funny comic strip. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snag a picture and only their older ads are online. Here are a few which at least will give you an idea of the oddness of them


Quirky, right? The kind of ad that makes you think, “What exactly am I looking at here, I don’t get it, oh I guess I get it.” This thought process alone is proof of a lasting ad. But add to the fact that unless you’d rather make awkward eye contact or watch your neighbor’s Candy Crush game, subway goers are stuck staring at these ads. I can say with 100% confidence that I have never in my life thought about or read an ad for longer. Hence how I ended up on their Instagram page.

Okay, think about it. An Instagram page for a mattress. What pops into your head? For me, it’s the Metro Matress yellow and blue logo, close ups on the “quilted quality”, a woman stepping next to a red wine glass, and a caption that says ‘SALE buy one get one 50% off’ (because I think we can all agree, there is never a day that a mattress is not on sale). Instead, we get this:

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 8.42.29 PM.png

Yeah. Never thought you’d want to follow a mattress brand on the gram now did ya? This profile is straight from the textbook on Instagram for Business 101: we have consumer content, graphics, gifs, fluffy dogs, cute kids, brand voice, related content, it’s a work of social media art. This is the kind of marketing that separates a brand from the masses. For a tired industry (pardon the pun), Casper has emerged as the one true brand name.

Before you say it – yes, I know Tempurpedic is also a brand you know. But they became comfortable in their technology and quit the marketing spend. Trade shows aren’t interested in the same old foam that we all know it’s very comfortable and always bounces back (tell me you weren’t just thinking about that hand print they always showed in commercials with smiling women and glasses of wine). By sticking with the infomercial style marketing, Temperpedic took the safe route and became complacent. Judging by the number of Casper boxes I’ve been seeing around the City, I have a feeling we have a new mattress king in town.


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