Donald and Hillary walk into a barber shop…

All politics aside…

Bernie Sanders supporters are everything politicians want in constituents. They are vocal, passionate, active, and most importantly, young. Their loyalty is tight and they rally quickly and confidently behind their leader. Despite not receiving the nomination, his supporters remain a strong and coveted market segment within the political arena.

We saw it first with Trump’s speech at the RNC. He offered an outstretched hand to Bernie supporters by directly and passionately agreeing with him on the need for reformed trade deals. He was not speaking to the impassioned audience in Cleveland in that moment – no, he was talking to the newly politically charged millennials who were expecting to disagree with everything he said.

When Hillary took the stage at the DNC, she promptly recognized and thanked  Bernie for energizing a generation with his campaign. His endorsement meant a lot to the Clinton campaign trail, but she still recognizes that there is a lot of ground to make up for. She promised to listen to their activism and take the key points of their interests to the bank (somewhat literally).

Trump and Hillary are doing everything they can to snatch up the market segment who are feeling the Bern. Bernie supporters are seen as as young, well educated and influential. They’re the start of a new economic swing toward being frugal while still enjoying the finer things in life (read: Out with the New, In with the Old). They’re a million dollar segment worth taking the effort to invest in – wait a minute…this sounds familiar.

Unilever recently purchased Dollar Shave Club, a company that offers razors by subscription for the low price of $3 a month. Through this purchase, Unilever instantly gained access to the wallets of stingy, male millennials: a multi-million dollar industry they were grossly lacking in. As Gillette (owned by P&G) Shave Club gained popularity, Unilever was losing significant market share in the men’s razors arena. Instead of making their own club, Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club for way over its market value; because it was worth it to them.

Now we see our presidential candidates doing the same: investing valuable screen time to speak directly to Bernie supporters in order to gain access to this market segment. The parallels between these “acquisitions” are strong and honestly….really cool! The fact that they’re happening simultaneously is even more exciting. Who will ultimately come out on top of the market share? Only you can decide- get out and vote!



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