BRB watching Zoey 101 lol<3

Did Nickelodeon just become relevant to millennials again? I think they did! Yesterday, Nick posted a video teasing the continuation of their 2005-2008 hit show, Zoey 101. Within 12 hours, the video had over 5.4 million views, 124 thousand likes, 169 thousand shares and 24 thousand comments. To put it into perspective, the average likes on a Nick post are less than a thousand while comments, shares and video views all hover around an average of 50 each.

It was no fluke that Nick chose to unveil this teaser on Facebook. The video was posted straight to their Facebook wall, making the easiest way to share the video right through the share button: no copying YouTube links, no sharing a BuzzFeed article- it’s all Nick all the time. This makes the audience easily trackable. You can bet the marketing team at Nick is scouring other networks such as Tumblr and Twitter, monitoring attitudes and doing media monitoring, but can you imagine if they had posted this to all their social channels? Instagram likes and reposts, Twitter retweets and quoted tweets, Tumblr reblogs and comments…YIKES. Instead, Nick strategically targeted their market (20-24 year olds who were the preteens that worshipped Zoey’s polka dot key necklace and sweet keyboard cell phone back in 2005), found out where they are actively consuming video content and took advantage of Facebook’s auto-play video feature.

Nick also strategically timed this release shortly after revealing that they will be launching a new 90’s Nickelodeon channel called Splat TV. In other words, Nick is really hitting us millennials with a one-two punch here: something for 24-28 year olds who want something lasting (Splat TV) and something for 21-24 year olds who want closure on their favorite shows but don’t have the patience to sit through commercials (Zoey 101).

This was a beautiful delivery for Nickelodeon. Millennials love nostalgia almost as much as they love web 2.0. Combine the two and you have the recipe for digital marketing success. Nick put zero spend behind this post that broke their engagement records. Welcome back Nickelodeon, you’re so much more than Spongebob now.


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