Social Shake Shack

Getting a social media following for your business is like the stations of the cross; you need to generate posts, make sure your pictures look ‘likable’, get some graphic design help to make the images worth sharing, create the copy that’s not too short but not too long so the readers won’t skip over it, keep it under 140 characters for tweets, use hashtags (but not too many hashtags), sponsor a post or two…Not only is this exhausting, it’s not even guaranteed to be successful.  But once you get your following up, some dedicated fans to retweet and like your posts, and reach expanded, it’s all worth it. Continue reading


{Teaser} Trailer

It’s my favorite season!  No, not winter…movie season.  And part of movie season is watching trailers.  We sit down at the theatre and watch about 4 trailers before the movie, each outlining beginning, middle, a hint about the plot twist, and a bit of resolution if you’re lucky.  Sometimes, we get sucked into binge watching a dozen trailers on YouTube instead of vacuuming under the Christmas tree (or is that just me?).  In my binging, I came across the trailer for Into The Woods, Cinderella, Unbroken, and the Age of Adaline to name a few.

We all know the story to Cinderella, Into the Woods has Anna Kendrick so obviously we know everything about it already, Unbroken is the talk at all the holiday parties- who read it, I’ll lend you the book, I heard the ending is different, etc.- so I’ll just post the Age Of Adaline trailer:

Okay so in 2 minutes and 33 seconds: Adaline, much like Blake Lively herself, is “immune to the ravages of time,” Continue reading