The 4 P’s of Alex and Ani

The bracelet industry is an unstable beast.  Charm bracelets that our moms made us collect, tile bracelets from Claire’s, friendship bracelets in the summer, and Pandora bracelets: all proving that trends are always changing when it comes to wrist jewelry.  Currently controlling the market is Alex and Ani.  Established in 2004 and exploding into mainstream fashion in the USA only in the past year, these bangle-style bracelets stole the scene from the popular charmed Pandora bracelets.

Alex and Ani has run with the popularity of their bracelets, primarily marketing their bangle collections and “Charities by Design.”  However, they know that they can’t put all their eggs in one basket.  Their rings, necklaces, and earrings are drastically less popular than the bracelets, so jewelry won’t be their saving grace.  It’s only a matter of time before a new trend in ‘arm candy’ takes hold.

Their response to the instability of the industry?  Enter a new market.  Launching October 2nd, Alex and Ani will launch their leather accessories line, the Gabriel Collection.  The video above is featured in an e-blast newsletter released today as well as above the fold on their homepage.  While most e-blasts are annoying, repetitive, and delete-worthy, this one is eye catching because..well, for once it’s not about the bangle.

Patriotism, positive energy, purpose, and Path of Life (a popular charm design) are the four P’s of Alex and Ani’s marketing campaign surrounding this leather line.  An impressive feat of foresight and market planning, I have little doubt that with the right amount of exposure, Alex and Ani will continue floating down mainstream American fashion.


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