Antique Chic

It’s no secret that the ‘antique’ look is in.  Free People makes millions by selling faded t-shirts, ripped jeans, and tank tops with the same floral print that used to be the curtains hanging in your great grandma’s kitchen.  Etsy is full of quotes written in faded white paint on old wooden boards that you can buy for $24.99 plus shipping.  But let’s get even more authentic.  Let’s go to the true old-fashion treasures of small town USA.


I recently came across this beautiful renovated hotel in Greene, NY.  The Sherwood Inn was renovated just last year into a 20 room hotel, pub, and upscale restaurant complete with a beautiful front porch for dining and live music as well.   Continue reading


An Indie Gelato Vacation

I think we can agree that YouTube ads are generally a pain and the likelihood that you will actually watch even the first 5 seconds that you can’t skip is slim to none.  And God forbid you can’t skip the ad– cue *open new tab*, *open Twitter for 1min 15 secs*, *go back when ad is over*.  We’ve learned to deal with the ads and suck it up.

But this ad for Talenti Gelato was just quirky enough to ignore the skip button and watch all the way through.   Continue reading

What Is Sales Tag

Marketing is a hot topic these days.  No longer can you just end the price in 99 cents and convince people they’re getting a deal.  You have to go big.  We’re talking interactive marketing, social marketing, buzz marketing, the list goes on and on.

We all know Dove is awesome at PR and Budweiser is great at branding, but what about the little guys just making their mark?  That’s what I’m here to highlight.  Those awesome little shops that make you stop and take a peak inside, that YouTube commercial that you actually decided not to skip, or that Facebook campaign that you actually ‘liked’ and didn’t consider spam.  In this blog I hope to point out some awesomely creative marketing strategies from the companies that don’t always show up in Forbes or Ad Week.  Enjoy and feel free to comment and share share share!